Landscape Maintenance


A beautiful living and breathing space for our clients means that we need to cater for every maintenance need. Through our extensive depth of horticultural, arboricultural and lawn care knowledge built through decades of experience, we are your most obvious choice when it comes to excellent maintenance of your environment, whether in condominiums, shopping centres, hubs, or any other developments. 


We believe that every space should have greenery and we believe that should be sustained. We take pride in diagnosing plant health issues before they even occur, from checking the pH of the soil and nutrient availability to identification of problematic pests. We make recommendations to correct the problem before it becomes a threat to the greenery and the surrounding plants. 


With an ever-greater emphasis towards healthier and organic options, we also consider our use of chemicals and pesticides carefully. We stick to organic methods whenever possible and in just the right amount, so that we keep the environment as natural as possible. 


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